Why switch to TeacherTools.ca?

The current situation...

Ontario private school teachers need to manually create lesson plans for every class they teach. This is:

Time Consuming

For every lesson a teacher spends half an hour or more creating the lesson plan. That's roughly a full work week just preparing the course.

This time could be saved or put in much better use.

Every term the cycle repeats for the same course. Teachers may leverage existing plans, but:
  • It is incumbent on the teacher to reuse.
  • There is a high turnover of staff particularly among private schools.

Hard to Keep Track

Teachers must manually read through dozens of lesson plans just to check curriculum progress before every new lesson. They often fail to meet majority of the curriculum requirements which could lead to failed inspections.

With TeacherTools.ca...

The process of lesson plan creation and curriculum tracking is:


With TeacherTools.ca teachers can easily and quickly create lesson plans using an easy-to-use and automated interface.

Our curriculum tracker provides teachers and principals regular and automated reports on course progress.


With TeacherTools.ca there is no need to recreate lesson plans for future terms.

All lessons are tracked within a term. Teachers can duplicate and reuse lesson plans from previous terms as the course progresses in the new term.


With TeacherTools.ca currculum progress is easily visible to the teachers as they create lesson plans.

Using curriculum tracker both teachers and principals can get a high level view of the course progress on demand.

Ready to try TeacherTools.ca?

What does TeacherTools.ca offer my school?

TeacherTools.ca is a tool to help Ontario teachers work more efficiently. With our easy to use application you can quickly:

  • Create and reuse lesson plans
  • Choose courses and expectations from our existing database of Ontario curriculum
  • Track your progress and expectations covered as you create lesson plans for each course
  • Create course timetables with interactive content
  • Create reports from curriculum tracking
  • Export and print lesson plans
  • Archive, duplicate and reuse lesson plans in future terms
  • View and print automated curriculum trackers
  • and much more coming soon ...

We have worked with the ministry of education, teachers and principals to ensure government guidelines are followed. With TeacherTools.ca you can easily create organized reports that help your school pass inspections. Principals can use our automated reports to easily track teacher progress every day.

Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to learn more about TeacherTools.ca!

How much does TeacherTools.ca cost?

We have customized plans depending on the size and requirements of your organization.

Plans start as low as $129 per month for annual subscriptions.

Please contact us with your specific needs to get a price quote.

Can I learn more about TeacherTools.ca ?

You can watch our tutorial videos .

Can I try TeacherTools.ca before purchase?

Of course! Please register on the site and contact us with your school information to get you started with a trial account.

Note: Registration to the site is open, however you will need to contact us to setup your school branding, enable teacher access and start the trial subscription.

Ready to try TeacherTools.ca?